Farming Module

Plan the crops based on season, market demand, price forecast and other factors. Includes / permits daily, weekly, fortnightly and monthly batches.

Dashboard Module

Real time Analytics at Farm, Field, Zone, Greenhouse and Location levels with drill-downs for forecast vs real time metrics

Reporting & Analytics

Reports for Forecasts vs. Actuals, workforce expense and productivity, crop health yields, quality, profitability, and financial reports

Quality Management

Quality, Traceability & Certification Management for raw materials, acceptance and interim testing of WIP for quality, quality testing and seal of acceptance on final produce before it is ready for dispatch.

Sales Module

Manage customer masters, credit evaluation and monitoring, billing and invoicing, recording of sales and AR, GST, ageing of receivables, monitoring of payments, recording payments, etc.

Marketing Module

Launch targeted marketing campaigns for specific groups to generate leads for B2B as well as B2C channels.


Create Chart of accounts - GL Master, Sub GLs, Groupings to record, summarize expenditure heads of the business. Maintain fixed asset masters, track put to use dates, depreciation, amortization, scrapping / write-offs, etc.

Customer Relationship

Manage the customer lifecycle through best practices, processes to manage and analyze customer interactions and data across channels.

HCM Module

Hire to retire cycle - planning, recruiting, onboarding, compensation management, maintain employee master, payroll, regulatory calculations, payments / liabilities, employee exits

Inventory Module

Maintain masters of raw materials, consumables, work in progress and finished product inventories. Also contains warehouse management features - receipts, usage of inventory, wastages, closing stock, etc.

Project Management

Handle the complete agriculture project lifecycle from initiation, farm design, execution through to crop production phases. Improve project planning, scheduling, collaboration, risk management and budget management with integrated project management

Purchases Module

Manage vendor master, vendor registration process, procurement approval, credit period management, receiving process incl. recording of vendor payables, GST credits, payments to vendors.


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